Lenders must gather holistic pictures of their applicants, but the process of collecting relevant patent information, transform it to digestible business insights, and present it to banks and other lenders creates considerable work for both the borrower and lender. Additionally, to update lenders along the term of the loan ensuring that there has been no decline in the number of valid patents securing the loan and that no encumbrances diminishing the patents' value and their liquidity have been added is a cumbersome process.


A patent-based loan or line of credit is secured by the borrower's patent portfolio, and is often used by small to mid-sized businesses in order to cover short-term cash flow demands. Interest rates on patent-based loans are lower than rates on unsecured loans since the lender can recoup most or all of its losses in the event that the borrower defaults. PatenTrack provides borrowers with an easy, streamlined loan experience; and lenders with access to patent data to make informed loan decisions.

Working on a merger, PatenTrack helped us finding patents that were not recorder on our name.

Andrew Karter ClientAmir Brody, Essex LLC

With PatenTrack we were able to quickly locate the patents with broken chain of title.

Melissa Dean ClientRachel Abrams, Choetech Inc
Portfolio Health Report

Use PatenTrack's Portfolio Health Report to showcase the condition of your patents to lenders so they can lower their default risk attributed to your patents, to get better terms and even refinance your existing loan.

Lenders Directory

Most bankers never heard of patent collateral. Browse PatenTrack's directory of leading lenders who specialize in securing funds with patent collateral to get a new loan, additional one, or to improve your current terms.


Use PatenTitle to instantly check whether the patents are subject to conflicting 3rd party rights that you should not breach, and to show your banker that you actually own the patent you intend to collateralize.

Correct and Update

Groom your patent portfolio and bring it to collateralizable shape using PatenTrack's Correct-and-Update.  Instantly identify collateral disqualifying defects that might impede your patents' liquidity and enforceability.


Expired securities and other 3rd party rights, assignments that others inadvertently recorded on your assets' records may all harm your patent health score, and prevent you from getting the best terms. Use PatenTrack's Clean-and-Neat to remove them all.

Maintain Your Patents

Many companies' collateralized portfolios deflate by 20% due to inadequate maintenance, which then increase the risk of higher interest rate. Use PatenTrack's to easily maintain your patents and avoid such a risk.

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