Create oversight structure

PatenTrack system enables board members gain oversight by providing a platform for a patent health and performance committee to address the corporate patent portfolios' “mission critical” areas. Use our turn key solutions to demonstrate your focus on the company's patents establishing meeting histories, and implementing our rich a set of executive controls.

Red Flag Monitoring

While adequate oversight systems contribute to the overall patent risk management, directors' might still be found failing to oversee the patent portfolio operation and periodically reassess its effectiveness. PatenTrack's Red Flag Patent Monitoring was created for directors to monitor the most critical patent risks facing their company and to ensure they actively react upon them.

Patent Inventory KPI

The big picture about the most important items - designed from the bottom up for board members to gain a clear and objective idea about the companies' patents. 12 simple charts based on very complex algorithms - that's all you need.

Transactional Activities

All transactions activities via which your companies acquired, divested, collateralized, litigated, and licensed their patents are distilled into one screen, putting you on the know, providing you with exemplary oversight - best of its kind.

Service Providers KPI

Any large patent portfolio requires the hard work of diverse internal and outside teams of highly knowledgeable and skillful professionals. How confident, comfortable, and satisfied will you feel knowing you literally see their objective performance?