Powerful patent collateralization

While not endorsing patents as assets eligible for Asset-Based-Lending (ABL), we strongly believe that lenders collateralizing clients’ patents must do so with confidence and manage the loan effectively. PatenTrack helps lenders handle the complexities and lack of transparency unique to patents, so they can gain clear visibility into the collateral, and approach it with the same degree of professionalism they would with tangible assets.

Lead the FinTech Lending

It is estimated that by 2030, global commercial lending will reach $29 billion and FinTech lending will reach $4,957 billion. A significant portion of this market growth is driven by advances in technology, especially in the loan application process, automation of loan management, and approval speed. You need a robust cloud platform to help in digitizing your lending schemes, becoming more precise, and improving your performance.

Collateral Assessment Report

Patent Collateral Underwriter is PatenTrack's proprietary risk assessment report that uses patent data and advanced analytics helping underwriters assess patent portfolio quality, identify overvaluation, and evaluate lenders' collateral risks.

Tickler Reports

The PatentTickler is a proprietary report that lists patents documents that require action, as well as the individuals responsible for that action. The report may include overdue items that need to be resolved as well as items that will expire within a certain time frame.

Collateral Liquidation

Upon default, lenders may request PatenTrack to divest collateral patents on its Patent Store, where its clients can present for sale their non-core patents and acquire others that are considered non-core by others.