Companies acquire patents to reinforce their competitive advantages, to license or to cross-license them, but when the list includes more than a handful patent assets, seasoned buyers know how cumbersome the due-diligence process becomes.


Instead of spending hours and days reviewing each patent's legal status, maintenance situation, chain-of-title completeness, family members, transactional documents, legal encumbrances, expired third party rights, incorrect recordings, conflicting rights, remaining lifespan, post grant events and legal activities - use PatenTrack's automatic modules and complete all the above and more in less than one hour per patent.

Working on a merger, PatenTrack helped us finding patents that were not recorder on our name.

Andrew Karter ClientAmir Brody, Essex LLC

With PatenTrack we were able to quickly locate the patents with broken chain of title.

Melissa Dean ClientRachel Abrams, Choetech Inc
Import Patent List

Import the patents you wish to acquire, and once in the system, PatenTrack's will automatically apply the full spectrum of its review modules for you in seconds.

Neat and Tidy

Use Neat & Tidy to instantly get a wide overview of the technologies covered by the patents you wish to purchase, and quickly identify those that cover inventions irrelevant to your purpose.


Before diving into reading abstracts, specifications and claims, leverage PatenTitle to gain insights into each patent's complex chain-of-title to make sure you buy from the owner, free-and-clear.

Team Reveiw

Review of a large patent portfolio involves technical and legal subject matter expertise possessed by more than one person.  Invite all stakeholders into the conversation.

Patent Insights

Use Patent Insights to quickly gain deep understanding of each patent's subject matter, legal status, maintenance situation, family members, 3rd party acknowledgements, post grant and litigation activities.

Quick Submit

Say goodbye to recordation with typos and errors. With Quick-Submit you can automatically draft an assignment agreement and submit it directly to the Patent Office.

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