Selling patents is not an easy task when you have thousands to choose from. Obtaining a comprehensive picture of your patent portfolio is often times difficult when they cover a wide spectrum of inventive implementations. When the candidates are identified, the managers of their tech units have to review and approve them one by one. Once that is done, you must make sure you own them, that their sale isn't encumbered by third parties' rights, and that no other known defect could impede their enforcement by potential buyers. When all is ready, you need to find a way to sell them, perhaps a broker? If your goal is to sell, let's say 100 patent families, how much time can you really allocate to the journey, how much is it going to cost you, and who is going to do all that? Perhaps you are better off keeping them, but the pressure...


PatenTrack consolidated all the activities involving selling your patents. You'll be able to select the right ones within less than a day, consult and get approval from your colleagues easily and quickly, review all the relevant legal and technical aspects within one hour max, and confidently send the patents for sale by the end of the day. PatenTrack's tight integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will enable you seamlessly draft your agreements, if needed.

Working on a merger, PatenTrack helped us finding patents that were not recorder on our name.

Andrew Karter ClientAmir Brody, Essex LLC

With PatenTrack we were able to quickly locate the patents with broken chain of title.

Melissa Dean ClientRachel Abrams, Choetech Inc
Pick'n Choose

When you log in to your account, all your patent assets are already loaded organized according to your companies. From there you can start using our set of filters that include Activities, which is the type of transaction, the Parties with which you transacted, and the Transactions.

Neat & Tidy

Use Neat & Tidy to instantly identify among your thousands of patents, those that cover inventions irrelevant to your company's business. You'll be amazed how quickly and easily you'll do that. Then, directly send them to your Patents For Sale list for your colleagues to review.


Leverage PatenTitle to gain insights into each patent's complex chain-of-title, make sure all inventors assigned their rights, no bank has unreleased security rights, and that you actually own the patent you intend to sell. You'll be surprised how many companies have sold patents they never really owned.

Fast Review

Use Fast Review to quickly gain deep understanding of each patent's subject matter, it's legal status, maintenance fee, family members, post grant and litigation activities.

Team Reveiw

Patent review is complex, and requires input from all stakeholders, including legal, tech experts, and strategists. Join all of them into the conversation, and allow everyone share the success.

Patent MarketPlace

It takes only three clicks to send those undesired patents for sale at PatenTrack's Patent MarketPlace. Quit abandoning patents, your trash can literally be someone else's treasure.

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