Let’s work your patents!

Reviewing patents is so complex that most of them are overlooked

PatenTrack Executive Suite will enable your team to:

Reduce lending risksSponsor monetization dealsSupport M&A dealsAcquire needed patentsSell non-core patentsDischarge directors' dutiesMonitor borrowers' collateralShowcase to licenseesUse patents as collateralFend off licensorsImprove advance ratesIdentify title defectsFind lost patentsImprove liquidity and conversionSave maintenance feeClean encumbrancesLiquidate collateral at default

How powerfully do you handle patent portfolios?

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Accelerate your patent strategy!

Maximize patent utilization as you instantly identify gaps and problem areas, easily correct them, and constantly create new opportunities. PatenTrack’s workflow platform drives teams to success without changing your underlying infrastructure.

Stop Maintaining Unnecessary Patents

Deliver Faster and Safer Pre/Post M&A Deals

Sell, Buy, and License with Ease and Speed

Locate and Save Your Lost Patents

Solutions for teams

  • Patent-Secured Lending

Lend to patent-rich clients

Making patent secured lending fast, accessible, and easy. With our Lenders’ suit you’ll provide much more working capital to innovative companies with much more confidence. Source opportunities, execute new deals, and monitor the existing ones with ease.

  • Patent Intensive M&A

M&A Patent Due Diligence

The clock is ticking, the closing is imminent, you have a patent due-diligence checklist, but how are you going to collect the information, how long will it take, and how expensive will it be?

  • Patent-Based Financing

Collateralize your patents

With in-depth patent collateral reporting and lender audits, PatenTrack can facilitates your engagement with patent-backed lenders so you can enjoy enhanced credit access, higher advance rates, greater tolerance of variable operating performance, and more covenant flexibility – all at minimum time and expense.

  • Patents in the Boardroom

Directors’ oversight

While board members certainly do not want to usurp the privileges and freedom of corporate officers nor engage in nitpicking oversight of the IP function, the board does have a fiduciary duty to devote sufficient oversight to the management of patents. PatenTrack enable directors reject claims of failure to create oversight structure.

  • Patent Monetization Management

Patent Strategy Powerful Execution.

Use PatenTrack’s patent monetization life-cycle suit to gain clear visibility into your patent portfolios, draw your engineers, marketers, and lawyers into the discussion, bring your department to the forefront, and make your patents mission critical.

Trusted by Leading Organisations

Working on a merger, PatenTrack helped us finding patents that were not recorder on our name.

Amir Brody, Essex LLC

With PatenTrack we were able to quickly locate the patents with a broken chain of title.

Rachel Abrams, Choetech Inc