Making sure ALL patents, held by multiple subsidiaries, generate return on their TCO is challenging to due the high cost of review and execution. The process of locating the patents, figuring out their legal situation, including 3rd party rights, updating and correcting, strategizing and monetizing, while getting input from all relevant stakeholders is a complex and expensive process that's many times avoided, resulting in extremely high cost of ownership, and loss of enormous patent value.


PatenTrack's structured workflow was designed to handle the complex tasks along the patent monetization lifecycle. By automating the time consuming tasks, PatenTrack enables Chief IP Officers, patent portfolio managers and their teams to quickly bring each asset to a transactional shape, smartly strategize, and easily execute to ensure each patent is taken care of and doing its job.

Working on a merger, PatenTrack helped us finding patents that were not recorder on our name.

Andrew Karter ClientAmir Brody, Essex LLC

With PatenTrack we were able to quickly locate the patents with broken chain of title.

Melissa Dean ClientRachel Abrams, Choetech Inc
Visible Patents

Gaining visibility into your patent portfolios will allow you to view your assets in an orderly manner, and establish a strong basis to proper management.

Locate Lost Patents

Many are not aware of patents that were assigned to them under incorrect names, and each merger assignment list misses about 7%. Use PatenTrack's Locate Lost Patents to find your lost patents.


To bring your patent portfolio into a transferrable shape, PatenTrack has created the Correct-and-Update which allows you to instantly identify and correct faulty names, addresses etc.

Clean and Neat

Expired securities and other 3rd party rights, assignments that others inadvertently recorded on your assets' records may all delay your next transaction. Use PatenTrack's Clean-and-Neat to remove them all.

Sharp Portflio

The larger and older your portfolio becomes the more assets irrelevant to your company's business it hosts. Use Sharp-Portfolio to quickly locate them, review with your team, and send them for sale.

Patent MarketPlace

It takes only three clicks to send those undesired patents for sale at PatenTrack's Patent MarketPlace. Quit abandoning patents, your trash can literally be someone else's treasure.

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